Highfive hopes to make video conferencing affordable and convenient

  1. Video conferencing equipment is not only expensive, it is also painstakingly difficult to set up most of the time, but a startup by the name of Highfive is hoping to change that with its all-in-one video conferencing system, and carve...

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  2. AnonymousSurfer

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    Why would a company pay for this? There's a lot of other software out there that can accomplish this for a fraction of the price or even for free. Google+ offers google hangouts, so you can have up to 20 or so participants in a video chat at any one time for free. The video chats can be private or public, so maybe it would be a news conference for some companies to update their shareholders. I think many of us would agree that the main electronic device being used at a conference meeting will most likely be a laptop, not an iPhone. I have a Droid RAZR HD, so this app is not available for me, where as google hangout is available for iOS, Android, and PC/MAC.

    I think the idea of limiting the conference call to an iPhone is what got me the most with this. At most conference calls involving laptops, the participants plug in microphones via usb or mic input. An iPhone doesn't allow for most quality microphones to plug in (sure you can get those in ear headphones/microphone but it's not quality suitable for a conference call), so the user is then stuck to buying this outrageous $799 HD webcam. On top of this, they want an extra $10 a month for some upgraded features for the app? I don't think this will catch on with most companies. Sure a few here and there might find it interesting, but I think the vast majority of America already has a much more cheaper alternative they are already using (Google+, Skype, and many, many more).
  3. andrew149

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    Highfive is good. Additionally, you may try a R-HUB desktop video conferencing server. It provides 30 way HD video conferencing.

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