Hitachi launches fastest, most efficient enterprise HDD


TS Evangelist
Hitachi GST is expanding its enterprise hard drive offering today with a new line of 2.5-inch units that are said to be the industry’s fastest and most efficient in their class. The Ultrastar C10K600 drives are claimed to deliver up to 15% better random and 18% faster sequential performance than competing products on the market today while requiring 22% less power. Available in 300GB, 450GB and 600GB versions, they also bring capacity parity with 3.5-inch drives, but require 70% less physical space and consume 65% less power than Hitachi's 3.5-inch enterprise hard drives.

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Nah, it means future historians can still read and write to the drive :) awesome


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Time will tell us if the Ultrastar will become another Deathstar. I've never had any luck with Hitachi drives in the past, can anyone say if their hdd's have improved?