Hitman DX11 vs DX12

By Adhmuz
Apr 3, 2016
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  1. After biting the bullet and installing Windows 10 to see what DX12 has to offer I made a few discoveries I was not expecting to come across, granted this was the first time running a DX12 game so I wasn't sure what I was going to see.

    Now fist off, I don't have any in-game comparisons yet, if you would like to see the visual differences heres a Link to a video that shows exactly that. Also for frame rate from DX11 to DX12 is a difference of a couple frames favoring DX11, but it's not noticeable in game at all.


    The first thing you'll notice is the consistency of the usage on both the GPU and CPU in DX12, the graph shows less spikes, especially on the CPU side of thing.

    However what's more interesting to me is how DX12 allows the game to use all 4GB of VRAM on my GTX970, whereas in DX11 it won't pass the 3.5GB limit that we all know to exist. Could this mean DX12 games will all be able to utilize that extra 512MB? Also when running DX12 an extra 100MB of system RAM is being used, this may or may not be the game, I'll need to do more testing with more titles.

    I would like to say DX12 allowed the game to run smoother, but it's so hard to tell given the difference of only a couple frames per second.
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