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By Milky_Joe
Jul 15, 2006
  1. Hi, yesterday I installed my new wireless Router (Linksys Wireless-G WRT54G) connected to this I have 1 PC connected via Ethernet and a new laptop which is wireless, both have access to the internet but I cant seem to be able to set up them up so they can share files and printers.

    I have run the XP networking wizard on both but with no success, on the laptop (wireless connection) is tells me that the Ethernet is disconnected so I click to ignore this and continue the wizard. Both devices show the work group as 'MSHOME' and I have the wireless network named the same. Can anyone explain to me how I should be doing this??

    Many Thanks
  2. Well... it sounds like everything should work fine. If you have established internet betweek your laptop, and the network, then you should be able to share files/printers. Wireless networks can be tricky, are you absolutely certain you're connection to YOUR wireless network.
  3. Milky_Joe

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    All sorted!! I <3 norton internet security. Just added the network to the trusted zones in the firewall and all is well.
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