hooking up digital satellite to x800xl AIW ??

By fnugen
Mar 11, 2006
  1. Okay, now that I have my LCD widescreensetup to where I seem to find it most enjoyable, time to go the next step. I've got an ATI 256m X800XL AIW vidcard. I have Bell Xpressvu digital cable. I would like to run the cable through the vidcard and check out the tv aspect. Is it as simple as running a high power(flow or whatever) splitter at the cables exit and run it to the receiver and the vidcard individually?? If so, is the software provided by ATI sufficient enough to start watching TV ?? Or do I need a 3rd party program to run the xpressvu cable through the card?? I've obviously never done this, so either some help, or some links to sites that go through it would be greatly appreciated so I can get the appropriate items to set it up.
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