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Jul 11, 2005
  1. hi , i have a dell inspiron 1000 laptop and have had it for almost a year now . ive have noticed that the laptop gets very hot when on even for short periods of time , and the exhaust vent at the rear blows only very hot air out. it has a intake fan underneath the laptop but since that is always in direct contact with the table the intake of cool air and circulation is poor
    it has been hot like this from the time i bought it and as yet has posed no problems.
    i would like to know if it is normal for a laptop (mine in particular) to be this hot when on and if any of the cooling methods for laptops such as the notebook coolers are either good or useless in cooling the laptop.
    i would like to get at least a few more years use out of my dell so id like to know if the heat will affect its lifespan.

    any help much appreciated , many thanks in advance

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    i have a gateway laptop, i believe its a ...*looking through manual*...i believe the 450series. and my laptop is on the table and i touch the bottom and whew its hot, like i touch it and this happens to my finger :hotouch: , im been looking at like laptop coolers, some people just say they are a waste of moeny, while others say that they cool the laptop very well. as you know p4 chips run at very high temperatures. opinons opinons need help with overheating laptops :hotouch: :hotouch: ...

    and for your problem 0b3, if its a p4 chip then it should be running pretty hot, if its a celeron im not sure cause i never bought a celeron before, so you got to ask someone else

    i just want to know if a laptop coolers is a good investment
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    Thanks for your reply , i have a intel celeron chip in my laptop and even that runs pretty hot.
    ive just bought an aluminium notebook cooler today and i have to admit it has made the bottom of the laptop feel alot cooler , though hot air is still blown out of the back exhaust vent.
    there are also laptop pads you can buy which raise the laptop above the surface of the table so that there is free airflow underneath.

    my advice would be to get a notebook cooler only if it is made from aluminium because then it will conduct the heat wheras a plastic one wont . i tried a plastic one today and returned it straight away because it was absolutely useless and had no cooling effect on the laptop at all.
    getting a good notebook cooler is worth the money because if it works well it will
    keep your laptop working for longer
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    Solution Is Here

    Targus makes an inexpensive dual fan laptop cooler that works great and is very quiet. All Dell laptops run pretty hot. Just plug it in to your USB port and cooling is on the way. It pulls the heat away from the bottom of the laptop and exhausts the hot air out the back opening. You will find that your internal drive fan does not come on when this unit is in use externally.

    Hope this helps,

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    I just bought a dell inspiron 1000 over the internet and it is asking for administrative password can any body help me the service code is 35308699813 or G7XVZ51
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    please start a new thread for questions. Your question BTW is already answered in the FAQs in the motherboards forum.
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    go to a hardware store/drugstore/art & crafts store, purchase $2 worth of adhesive sponges or rubber feet for furniture. They are usually about 1/4 inch in diameter and about 1/4 inch to a 1/2 inch in height. That will give you more spacing underneith the laptop so the table surface is not in contact. You could buy a laptop cooler, but they're not practical for traveling.
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