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By AliceZ
Jul 26, 2016
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  1. I've had Internet On The Go for a few years as my hotspot, but recently their service and support has become just awful.
    I wonder if someone would be able to suggest another pay-as-you-go hotspot provider that would have the following features:
    When you use up your data, you recharge it with more data — that data never expires, and you have no monthly fees or charges to deal with — once you've paid for it, you don't pay again until you run out of data. No contract and no monthly usage requirement (must be used every 30 days or 60 days, etc.). I would just have to buy more data when I was getting low on my current data. Possibly $15 for every 1GB.
    Most of the ones I have looked at have contracts involved and you had to buy more data every month. Or the prices were very high.
    I am trying to find one in the $50 range. Can anyone help? I am senior citizen and can't afford too much.
    Thank you.
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    Why was this thread moved to this forum? I thought it would go in the "Networking" forum.

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