Hot swap deck not working as intended

By Joshua Minett
Aug 23, 2016
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  1. ---Correction to Title: Not hot swap deck, but In-Win GT1 built-in hard drive slot on the top.---

    I have an In-Win GT1 case with a built in SATA hot swap deck on the top. I have two laptop hard drives that I use for my games and movies. Here's the problem: when I remove a hard drive from the deck, the computer should recognize that there is nothing plugged in. However this is not the case. It continues to think that the drive is still plugged in, which prevents the computer from detecting the new hard drive that has been inserted, and prevents me from using any of the files on the removed hard drive (obviously). I am using a WD2500BEVT and a Seagate RoHS Momentus 5400.6. The computer recognizes when I unplug the WD, but not the Seagate. Any ideas?
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    I'm not familiar with every setup available. But mine had to be configured in System BIOS. I had to configure the SATA port used for the HDD Dock, as removable under AHCI settings. First I had to select AHCI as the drive mode, then I had access to select removable for each of the SATA ports.

    Warning though

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