How can I create recovery discs for programs (not OS)?

By invitedchaos
Aug 16, 2010
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  1. I bought a laptop through Best Buy that came pre-installed with Office 2010 and an activation code or whatever. But it didn't have installation discs, and they nearly insisted that I pay to have Geek Squad to it, along with a bunch of other stuff I didn't need. Is there any way to create a recovery disc of the program, not just the files? If Geek Squad can do it, there must be a DIY method out there, right?

    I'm Running Windows 7 with Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010.
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    You should be able to find the download link on microsofts site, although I think the only one that's available is 2007. When you're finished installing you can enter your product key to activate it. Just burn the files on to a disk to keep. As long as you have a product key there's nothing wrong with you keeping a copy. I did this for a laptop some years back. You'd have to make an iso back up though. They may have changed the process because of piracy.

    Only other way I can think of getting it is a p2p program but that has its own risks.
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    Issues for Windows Programs
    1. where they are installed
    2. getting the license key
    3. restoring the registry
    that last one is the killer; a registry is a point in time and getting ALL the keys
    necessary for a given program is not obvious or trivial.

    restoring that point in time registry on another system can be fatal if not done with care.

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