how can i download from a hi8 video camera to my pc

By shakalocco
Jun 11, 2005
  1. can someone please help me? i have a sony TRV208E hi8 video camera and i want to download my videos to my pc (i have an ati radeon 9200 video card). the camera only has an s-video out slot and a a/v out slot. i've connected the camera to the pc, but how can i make the pc to read the device?
  2. biff64

    biff64 TS Rookie


    just make sure it's plugged in and go into your catalyst control center and turn tv on. it'll know if it's in or out. then you need some software to capture it. i use premiere to capture my stuff, but then again i use minidv. when i was using Hi8 i would use Ati tv wonder software.
  3. Vinodkumar

    Vinodkumar TS Rookie Posts: 24

    If you've connected the camera correctly,i.e.,to the a/v in or s-video in of your video card, then what you need is a video capture software. You may try Adobe Premiere as biff64 does, or use some other software like Pinnacle Studio, Ulead Video Studio or one from Cyberlink.

    You may please check the CD that came with your video card to see if there is a capture software included in it. If there is, it would be the best thing to rely upon because I'm not sure whether the software listed above will work with your card. However, you may try if you like.

    Best of luck.

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