How can i get rid of Windows Vista Boot Manager?

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Oct 14, 2007
  1. I have a laptop and installed a dual boot between windows xp and vista. i formated the xp partition and sated with vista. that is when boot manager started and asked if i was going to boot to vista or xp. after i erased the xp partition the Vista Boot Manager still shows up and makes multiple beeps. i was told that formating it with an other computer would work but it didn't. is there a way to remove/uninstall of the boot manager?

  2. Po`Girl

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  3. wtf69wtf

    wtf69wtf Banned Topic Starter

    did not work
    any other suggestions?

  4. Po`Girl

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    Are you sure it`s not the XP boot loader ?

    I`m not sure what you are saying,but ...

    try booting from the Vista DVD and reinstating the Vista boot loader

    as described HERE

    You can then use EasyBCD for any further configuration


    if it is the Vista boot loader, try setting Vista to the default OS in the boot configuration

    and making the timeout 0
  5. SNGX1275

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    I think you did something wrong then. Either of those should allow you to not have the boot loader show up anymore.
  6. wtf69wtf

    wtf69wtf Banned Topic Starter

    i made vista the default OS, and timeout 0
    it still did not work.
  7. Po`Girl

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    So in EasyBCD,you see Vista and XP, or just Vista ?

    Did you try the Vista DVD,and use the repair option ?
  8. wtf69wtf

    wtf69wtf Banned Topic Starter

    i used the EasyBCD and its still there.
    i tried to uninstall the boot legacy but the boot got corrupted so i had to use the dvd to repair the boot manger, it ended up the same the boot manager is the same.

    how about i install linux and then reinstall vista?

    thanks once again
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