How Can I Make My Laptop Run Games Faster?

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Nov 12, 2005
  1. I recently bought a laptop for school/work but I wanted to try to play some strategy games on it as well if it is possible. My laptop is a HP Pavilion zv6007 laptop with a 200m ATI graphics card and has 512 RAM. I recently installed Command and Conquer Generals on it and the game runs okay but when it is loading and while it is on the menu screen the game shows obvious signs of slowing down/ lagging. I hear that it is impossible to upgrade my video card since I have a laptop but if I installed some more memory would that make the game run smoother??? (I am not talking about Doom 3 or anything huge) I just want to know what anything I can do/buy to make my games run faster???? and would it be possible for me to run Age of Empires III with decent performance on my laptop??? THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR THE SUGGESTIONS
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    Nice laptop by the way! An Athlon 64 3200. Sweet.

    Back to business. Your computer has 512MB DDR SDRAM (2 x 256MB) at 333MHz now, and it can handle a maximum of 2048MB DDR SDRAM (2 x 1024MB).

    If you have the cash to blow, that would make a big performance for gaming. Even upgrading to just 1Gb total would make a big difference.

    Your graphics card is not too bad at all for a laptop. According to your user manual, you can actually go into your bios and configure it to devote MORE memory to video than default. When you computer is booting up, hit f10. Once the setup loads, go to advanced and look around in there for your video settings.

    I'd say you should be able to play AoE III with your system after a memory upgrade.

    Good luck!
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    there is a website that deals in laptop memory it will also scan your machine and tell you what type will work and the max memory it will hold think its or something like that but it pretty good used them to upgrade my laptop few months back
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    Thanks For The Tips

    Thanks for the advice. I really like my laptop and i think I'm going to definitely get some more memory for it sometime soon!
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