How can I restart vgasave?

By jb020952
Dec 23, 2004
  1. Inadvertantly stopped vgasave while trying to reinstall ATI drivers to deal with some issues. Discovered this was a very silly thing to do! I have no display and safe mode etc do not seem to be available to me. Having searched the net I tried this from the recovery console.
    enable vgasave SERVICE_SYSTEM_START
    This resulted in this message
    The registry entry for the vga service was found.
    The service is alreadt set to SERVICE_SYSTEM_START.
    Any ideas please?
  2. mx3864

    mx3864 TS Rookie

    I know this is is an ancient thread but I am replying because I could not find
    the solution to this problem and have been searching and attempting fixes for
    the last two days. I signed up to tis forum for the sole reason of explaining
    what I did to solve this problem WITHOUT REINSTALLING, please do not delete this thread.

    But if you do:
    First off, try to use Last Known Good Configuration by hitting F8 before
    windows boots.

    If that does not work:
    Get into the windows recovery console with your windows disk and type:
    enable vgasave SERVICE_SYSTEM_START
    This works for most, but did not for me.

    So next I tried fiddle with the registry but could not find anywhere to enable
    it. I did find out how to make a WinPE Boot Disk though, and I think that was worth the trouble I went through.

    Here's what I did next:

    I enabled remote desktop connection on the messed up. Do that through the
    network or through the boot disk using regedit PE or (like I did) through another windows partition on the same pc using regedit PE.
    Remote desktop does not work with accounts with no passwords so I had to boot up with the boot disk and used Sala Password Renew to add passwords to my admin accounts.

    Additionaly, I had my pc setup to automatically log into my user account so I
    just had press enter or <space> to ok the wrong password dialouge and could then access it using Remote Desktop.(I disabled the autologin as soon as I connected to avoid this problem)

    Next I went to the device manager went to view>show hidden devices and deleted(I still don't know how smart or necessary this was) vgasave from under "Non-Plug and Play Drivers" and then restarted the pc and after seeing that it did not work, I used remote desktop to log in again.

    Then I decided to reinstall the VIA 4-in-1 drivers with the ones that came with my motherboard. But when it started installing it asked if I wanted to instead uninstall so I decided to uninstall all of them. I then restarted, still no change so again with Remote Desktop.

    I checked the device manager and nother that there were now some unkown devices named display adapter or something so I decided to try installing the ATI drivers and was able to do so succesfully. I restrted the PC and after 2 long days was finally able to see my destkop.

    I may come back and edit this for clarity, since I just finished solving this, I am not at my cognitive best.
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  3. 0111345

    0111345 TS Rookie

    --VgaSave Solution--

    Problem Solved:

    I hooked up an older Sony Trinitron 17sfII CRT monitor to the analog port (the small usually blue connector) and Windows placed VgaSave under Display adapters in the Device Manager tree. Before this happened I installed all both windows versions(win9x/ME and XP) of the drivers. Win9x drivers where the last I tried. I am not sure that the Win9x drivers made this happen. Anyway I went to Device Manager\Display adapters\(whatever)\Adapter
    \Update Driver...[button] and had windows look for the driver it slowly loaded (took about 5 mins) an exe file and after that it finished. I switched it from the blue(RGB) Legacy port to the DVI port and it still works. =D

    case Addtronics WTX-8500
    psu PC Power&Cooling ULTRA-QUIET PSU: SILENCER® 470 ATX
    mb ASROCK 775i65G
    cpu DualCore Intel Pentium D 820, 2800 MHz (14 x 200)
    cd Plextor PX-760A CD/DVD
    hd Seagate ST3120814A 120GB 8mb cache IDE
    ram kingston HyperX PC3200 1GBx2
    vid BFG 7800 GS AGP 256MB DDR3
    mon Benq FP93G X LCD
    snd Audigy 2 Platinum ZS- Works in DOS too :D
    mou Razer Diamondback - soon to be replaced
    key EZ Key - soon to be replaced
    pnt HP LaserJet 1022
    ups Minuteman UPS PRO700E
    spk Altec Lansing FX6021
    os Windows XP HE SP2b
    rd DataPort V plus 2 IDE 1 SATA - Removable Drive Caddy with Bay Rack
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