How do APUs handle the presence of a dedicated GPU?

By lawfer
Sep 23, 2011
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  1. Hello Techspot folks,

    I have, what might be a silly question, for you. As the title suggests, I want to know what exactly is the interaction between an APU and a dedicated graphic card on the same motherboard.

    You see, I've heard of AMD's APUs, but I never gave it much thought since I knew the integrated graphics were discrete-level. But now I'm building a new rig, and one great thing I actually never knew about the APUs, was their affordable price. I'm tempted to get an A8 quad--nothing too crazy--, and use it with a GTX 560 ti I just bought, on the same motherboard.

    I know the APUs have integrated graphics, so I'm wondering, how do these two interact (by two I mean the integrated vs the dedicated)? Is it like Nvidia's Optimus technology? Or systems with APUs only allow its integrated graphics only?
  2. lawfer

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    Wow, 93 views and nobody knows? I guess I was not the only one.

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