How do I convert 8mm HandyCam tapes to my Toshiba Laptop?

By hemoreturns1
Apr 23, 2012
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  1. Hello, I have just joined this site despirately looking for answers. Have spent almost 100 dollars on the wrong things people told me to buy, have done endless research on the matter, and am really starting to get a bit frustrated. I have seen another thread in the hardware section very similar to this, but his camera was different and he didnt get any answers that could help me. Here is my situation:

    I have a SONY digital handycam and I need to take the footage from its 8mm tape and put it onto my Toshiba laptop. (Sony handycam specs: Usb streaming, 8mm playback, and memory stick slot)
    I first went to radio shack, told them my needs. He gave me a cable that connects my camcorder to my laptop but this only took information from the memory stick and not the tape. I returned it.
    Next he then gave me some type of cables that didnt even have anything to do with laptops. I returned it once again. He then looked on the side of my Toshiba and saw a slot. He told me to order a card that fits in and use firewire cable to connect to handycam. I did research and ordered an express card on the internet and waited 7 days for it to arrive (ridiculous) and instantly realized it doesnt even come close to fitting in the slot. I realized this wasnt even an express card slot, it was the slot to hold the memory stick from the handycam.

    I then took my equipment to Staples (just for knowlege and a solution) since they dont carry most firewire accessories. The person there said I was on the right track. I have the express card that fits into the pc, the cord that connects the express card and handycam, but the only thing he says I need is a connector or adaptor via Usb that can allow me to fit the express card into my laptop. He did not have a solution for me but he did recommend some sites. I found nothing. So I now come here for your help.

    I know you need a capturing device. This is not a problem since I frequently use windows movie maker and AVS video editor.

    Am I going too far with this? Is there a much simpler solution where I can just buy 1 package and have the whole set-up instead of searching for different parts? Or do all I need is an adapter that can make the express card fit?

    I am despirate for answers, my entire life's past is on these tapes and will do anything to make this work.

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