How Do I Get Rid of AOL Inst Messenger!?

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Searched and deleted all AOL stuff,
but every time I start up, the AIM
window opens.

Don't want it, just takes extra time
to open when I start up.

Haven't been able to find it so I
can delete it!

Appreciate any tips!


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Have you looked in msconfig,or startup folder ? Have you searched the registry for anything beginning AOL OR AIM ? It took me nearly a year to get rid of AOL junk.
what I would do

Make sure it is absolutely gone in the add/remove programs area (On the control panel).
If it is, do a search for "aim" or "aol" and click on all files and folders.
These are the things I can think of.


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This probably isn't an option for you, but there was so much s*** on my computer from AOL that I just reformatted. If you have everything backed up on a fast drive it wont take more than a day to restore the stuff you want.


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I can't tell you how much I loathe the bloatware and adware AOL pushes on ignorant users.
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