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How do I reset eeprom on Toshiba A205?

By XaNaToS ยท 12 replies
Apr 10, 2008
  1. Computer-- Toshiba Satellite A205-S4639
    Problem- Displays Bios password/and after working on it, screen is now black (barely visible)

    Ok after hours and hours of research and reading of alot of useless info heres what I have assessed.

    1. Removing the CMOS Battery does NOTHING. (though many post this works. It doesnt, so dont bother removing it then having to have another headache of soldering it.)

    2. There is NO Master Password, if there is it is solely known by Toshiba Techs (who must obviously sign some agreement to not release said info- that way toshiba makes a easy 150-200.00 a pop just to type a password in the bios.)
    I typed in so many Phoenix passwords, any I found, and all the others too that werent even Phoenix bios MPW. I did all the other steps listed as well. This was a waste of time as well. So dont bother.

    3. I made the boot disk of an ISO file from Paragon site, it didnt work. Just starts up same as always asking for Bios password. Will NOT boot from disk, tried holding "C" Key to make it boot from CD. NO luck. I even removed harddrives to it had only one source to boot from. NO luck.

    4. So last option, is to flash the eeprom called "24C02" or something. Where is this located on the motherboard? Does anyone have a picture? How exactly do i go about this?

    My other issues is since I have started this project (course of 2 months now) the screen now is pratically black. I have angle it and sqint just to see the screen info. I dont think I hooked anything up wrong, have read it could be inverter, but dang its like a brand new cpu. So hoping this is just an issue on how I hooked it back up.

    Lastly, just rough having a paperweight of such a nice cpu. It still has ALL the stickers on it, and I cant even get it to work.....

    Thank you for any info, and thx for the invite to the only forums imo that even sheds viable information to the masses.

    PS. Please refrain from posting things like "Just send it off, they will fix it" as this means I can fix it with the right info. IF you dont know factual informaiton please dont post a guess either. Sifting through 1000's of posts of pure guesses have wore me down. I just want factual information, regarding others experince with this model.

    TY again!!

  2. MILLER7669

    MILLER7669 TS Rookie

    hey out there , I have been reading this post for awhile to learn how to reset the bios password/fingerprint . I finaly figured out how to reset it on my TOSHIBA SATELLITE A205 S4639 . I have included to pictures to help illustrate my success. I would like some feedback from others out there to see if this trick works on your model. First, I removed the memory sticks ( both of them ) then I noticed there were two contacts in the upper left corner, they should have (XXX) next to them. I removed the battery and plugged in the power supply and shorted these two contacts together and turned on the laptop. I noticed it reset the passwords and let me get into the Wind0w$ Vist@. Goodluck on your ventures.


    If you cannot see the above pics, they are also located here:
  3. MILLER7669

    MILLER7669 TS Rookie

    I have noticed it removed the bios password and fingerprint functionality all together from bios settings, but I was givin a laptop that I couldnt access at all , So untill I figure out how to turn that back on, I am happy to at least use the computer, I did notice that there were two different stages to input password and or fingerprint scan, one for the bios and one for the OS, I havent figured out how to tell vista to ask for a fingerprint scan yet
  4. Below85

    Below85 TS Rookie

    it worked

    I had the same problem as well. The computer was locked had no way of knowing the password but never put in a password. Getting down to the point. I removed the CMOS battery for 30 mins 1 day so on and so on. That didnt work so I saw Millers post on here and thought hey its worth a try. I did exactly as he posted and it worked perfect. just make sure its jumped while you turn it on or it will not work. Nice Miller real nice.
  5. Zombie

    Zombie TS Rookie

    hey I been reading but do u think that this will work on a Toshiba A205-S5814 laptop it have the same (XXX) in the upper left conner. Have any one try this on that model yet

    OK this work for the Toshiba A205-S5814 but for it to work u will have to solider the to jump the and boot the system and then cut the wire but before that u must put in the hard drive so that the system will boot.

    Thanks a lot u save me
  6. siriuspowered

    siriuspowered TS Rookie

    Worked fine on a A205-S4707. A suggestion about how to pull this off is to use a small flat screwdriver to short the contacts in the following manner referencing the above images.

    BTW - You may find black insulating material similar to tape over the contacts shown. Remember to replace it during re-assembly.

    Place one stick of memory in the top slot. Otherwise the NB will be brain dead and you will be doing this again. The stagger gives plenty of room for the following.

    Open the NB so you can stand it on its left edge (pwr jack facing up).

    Allow the shaft of the screwdriver to rest against the case above the contacts.

    Rest the blade parallel to and behind the two solder lugs on the board surface. This should look like you are using the case as a fulcrum to pry the lugs off the board which is what we avoid.

    Apply the smallest amount of prying force needed (I mean micro force!) just to feel the screwdriver bite into the lugs through coating and/or oxidation. If you are not experienced in the feel of solder remember it is very soft, but any coating over it is hard and brittle. BE CAREFUL. If you are all but the most ham handed folks can knock this out in 5 minutes.

    Now you can easily hold the jump with one hand for the few seconds while you press power with the other and wait for the OS to show itself. This method is quick and effective if you are careful.

    I hope that helped as it saved my customer more than $150 and kept the remaining coins in our town. Thanks folks.
  7. XaNaToS

    XaNaToS TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Miller's post worked perfect, but now its asking for a built in HDD password.....so stuck again.

    Also, I can still barely see the screen (which I believe is the inverter, like contrast is turned all the way the wrong way) - anyne know how yo fix this too?
  8. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 6,908   +10

    The inverter is replaceable. You can get the inverter onlnine and at National Parts Depot. However, there are 18 screws and at least 8 screw covers to remove and replace. Keep those screw covers clean, and find a good adhesive.
    You must use the specific inverter required, and cannot rely on similar ones from similar Toshiba's to work. You also need a high quality hard steel philips miniature screw driver which fits those screws exactly, or you will "drill" out the screw caps. You might want to consider buying a screw set on eBay along with an extra set of screw covers. Not cheap at about $18 with shipping for both... usually from Hong Kong sellers.
    The Passwords can be changed more easily than in most brands, but still you need an expert or somebody who has the disk. There is software that technicians use. It is on a floppy and boots from an external USB floppy drive designed for the task.

    Hard drives can be found cheaply.
  9. Zombie

    Zombie TS Rookie

    I do not think that it was the hard drive because it was a new laptop and and the hard drive was in good condition. I think that is was a security problem with the laptop but one I have done the jump the cut it will booting it unlock or remove the password from it. Up untill know it is working find and that boot password does not come back. I think u all for the help that u have given me. Thanks a lot.
  10. maddmike71

    maddmike71 TS Rookie


    Dude you are the man, I love you.

    This worked for me on a A215-S7425
  11. Techniker

    Techniker TS Rookie

    OK this work for the Toshiba A205-S5806. Nice Miller real Thanks !
  12. tylerdurden455

    tylerdurden455 TS Rookie

    All hail Miller! I can report his method worked for a A215-S5808

    I joined this forum just to look at his pics in this post, and it was definitely worth it! Thanks so much, my kid brother has his laptop back.

  13. niebla

    niebla TS Rookie

    Greets from Mexico, the trick works on my a205-s5804 !!!

    Many thanks
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