How do I set up a network for two computers?

By aberhosan · 6 replies
Mar 1, 2009
  1. I have a siemens router set up with my main computer operating on an xp 64 bit system. I would like to set up another computer operating on the xp32bit to share the online connection, so that I can use the smaller computer to access the palm hotsync for my handheld tungsten t3. Can anyone advise me please, on the easiest and cheapest way to achieve this? Thank you in anticipation.
  2. Tmagic650

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    Plug the XP computer into the router along with the Vista machine. On the XP computer select Control Panel, Network Setup Wizard and follow the instructions
  3. LookinAround

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    Hmmm. you have something missing from the picture you're painting....

    Connecting your xp 64 and other computer (is the "other" computer the "smaller" computer?) allows those two computers to share you're internet connection

    You said then "So you can then use palm hotsync (on smaller computer) to access tungsten t3"
    => How do "smaller" computer and tungsten t3 connect? Bluetooth? Some type of still additional wired connection needed?

    I'm just making sure you'e aware of / planning for all required device connection
  4. aberhosan

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    I have a docking usb cradle to connect with the computer using hotsync, the 32bit computer is located in an other room from the online computer. So I would like to know what hardware I would need for a wireless network connection and how much is it likely to cost me?
  5. Lardy1664

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    You still need to give a little more info

    What type of router is it? Do you have a model no so people can see its spec's

    Does this router have wireless capabilities?

    Is this router connected directly to your outgoing ISP connection or is it what you want to use to connect between the pc's.

    Do you want to use the internet on both machines at any time even if the main one is turned off?

    What's the location of the internet connection into the house to the main pc and what type of connection is it ( i.e ethernet wired or wireless )

    By answering these questions you will get the best way to set up the network.

    Also try this link for a better idea

    The third picture down is the better way of doing it.
  6. aberhosan

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    Hi Lardy 1664, I will do my best to answer your questions,1=Siemens SE 587 wireless router. 2= It is connected by ethernet cable to my main computer and has access to the internet via my isp. 3= I just need access to the internet on both computers regardless whether the other is on or off. I have been doing some research since I last posted and I think things are getting a little clearer. Am I right in thinking that all I need is a wireless network adapter for the remote computer? and if so how can I ensure that I get one that is compatable with my router? One other possibility has emerged, and that is homeplugs. I have been reading that they are an easy, cheap and better that wireless way to go. Unfortunately I only have one electric socket near my online computer and the way I read it I need a socket for the computer and one for the router. Any thoughts on all that? regards Bill
  7. Lardy1664

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    Hi Aberhosan
    Thanks for the answers. looks like you got enough info there.

    Yes you do just need to buy a wireless adapter for the other pc. It can be either a pci card type that goes inside the machine ( if you have a spare pci slot on the second pc, you'll have to open up the pc with it turned off to see ) or you could buy a usb type if the second pc has usb of course.

    Both should work ok with the router as it looks like both 802.11 b and g types are supported ( most new wireless equipment is the g standard now anyway).

    Not read much about the homeplugs until you mentioned them and they look like a good idea if you think you might have issues with positions/distance between the wireless router and the pc's but even the homepluge have a range limit. However you'll be looking at approx £50 for a set to use but a wireless adapter will cost approx £15-£25

    In this article d-link recon that you can place them in extension leads and not have problems but you might want to read up on this more.

    Theres also info about these interfreing with other items of electrical equipment in the house :-(

    Heres a few adapters to look at

    Other people might like to comment on the choice but both should be fine dependent on what you have available in the second machine.
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