How do I update this driver?

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Mar 27, 2006
  1. Windows XP

    Nvidia Geforce4 440 Go 64m


    I tried to setup a game for my son, Dawn of War, and I can't get it to run. One of my friends said I probably need to update my driver(s?).

    I went to the nvidia website and don't know how to find my driver ...

    I know the computer can run it, it ran Half-life2 without a hitch, but it won't even open the game.

    Thank you all for your help in advance.
  2. Mirob

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  3. If that does not work go on to and find the latest driver.

    The only draw back witht this website is that you have to sign up, however the signing up is free. :)

  4. paulla

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    It probably won't work as the Geforce Go is a mobile chipset and tends to use slightly different drivers to the standard Geforce ones. Go to Guru3D and have a root around there as I seem to remember some updated mobile Geforce drivers being discussed there.
  5. Jkasj

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    K thanks, I tried to install the drivers but it won't allow it. Going to hit up those sites you two suggested. Thanks.
  6. good luck :)
  7. Mirob

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