How do you install drivers after a complete reformat and reinstall of Windows?

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Hello all.

Ok well heres the deal,im going to be reformatting my pc i know how to do that,but what i want is someone to clarify what happens after like drivers? after xp installs,that is when i install drivers and im guessing the pc will detect any hardware devices like a video card and get you to install the drivers right?

cuz im not doing a repair im doing a total delete.


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when you bought the computer you got disks with all neccecery drivers.
after you intall xp, go to device manager if you see a yello or red sign on one of the items- you need to install the driver for it, if you do need one , just google it

good luck


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After the OS is installed use the CD that came with the motherboard or manufacturer if you purchased the computer, to install any chipset drivers. Install the video driver next. If you have access, download the latest drivers from the manufacturer. Install all Windows updates. Next, audio drivers as needed. Lastly, CD/DVD drive software and drivers.

If you have access to another computer it is really handy to download all the current drivers for your system and burn 'em to disk so you have the latest and greatest for all components.

A bit generic but I hope this works.

During the OS install generic or MS provided drivers are used. You may need to uninstall the generic video driver before installing the new one. Consult documentation provided by manufacturer.

Hope that is helpful.
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