How many watts do I need?

By ScarfaceCy
Jan 4, 2015
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  1. Hey people.. I have this system
    MB: Asus ROG Maximus gene V
    CPU: Intel i7 2700K 3.5Ghz
    GPU: AMD R9 290X
    SSDs: 2 kingstone Hyper X
    HDD: 1 seagate baracuda 7200rpm 1TB
    Ram: 4x4gb DDR3 kingstone Hyper X
    PSU: Thermaltake Smart SE 730w
    CPU cooler: Thermaltake SpinQV
    4 case fans.
    some sides tell me that I need at least 556 watts but your ppl side tells that I need 1124 watts
    what to do so I know how much watt I need? pls help coz I just changed the PSU from the old one.
    Thanks in advance
  2. SNGX1275

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    Short answer: That PSU is fine.

    Long answer: There are a bunch of calculators you can use, which all tend to exaggerate the actual number.

    You an look up the TDP (in watts) of the CPU, SSDs, HDDs, and fans. The RAM will be negligable. The GPU is a different story, best you can do for that is look up some reviews of that GPU and look at total system draw at idle and while benchmarking/gaming, subtract that 2 and that will get you an exaggerated load of the GPU (exaggerated because CPU will also be under greater load).

    Add all those numbers up and its going to be pretty small, almost certainly below that 556 that 'some sides' told you. You should take the added up number and increase it by at least 10% more if your PSU doesn't have a high efficiency, but I'd say 30-40% just to 'feel safe' and also for age degradation of the PSU (they won't put out the same power the older they get).

    Alternative answer: Borrow or buy a overkill PSU, buy or borrow a kill-a-watt meter. Run your most demanding game or most demanding CPU benchmark (whichever is more suited to your usage) and check the from the wall wattage your system is pulling. Buy a PSU rated a bit higher (25% sounds safe) since you don't really want to be running a PSU at 100% load.
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