How much wattage a motherboard can take before it dies?

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Nov 15, 2008
  1. Hey guys some bad news.... i guess i pumped too much power into my setup for my comp to handle so now i need a new processor and motherboard:( I just bought another PSU to dual power my system (for future video cards and such) so total wattage being around 1300 going into the mobo....

    can someone explain to a semi-noob on how to tell how much wattage a motherboard can take before it dies? Much appreciation would also be given to the person(s) that can tell me what processor and motherboard i should get now. My price range is roughly $250 total not counting shipping.

    Intel or AMD doesn't really matter to me but mind you im running a gaming rig. Which ever company is more for a game such as WoW and Fallout and such....

    Will i have to buy a new OS as well or is all that stored on the hard drive? Anyways thanks for your time and future thanks as well to the ones that help me out:)
  2. N8T1308

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  3. Atwooooood

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    the processor is good.

    id recommend something like this for the mobo.
    better specs/cheaper price.

    i have both that board and the E8400, of course cant tell you how it performs because my rig isnt complete yet.

    as for if it can handle the whopping 1300 watts, i have no clue
  4. N8T1308

    N8T1308 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    hey thanks for the info:)
  5. N8T1308

    N8T1308 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    anyone else have any idea as to how i can tell how much wattage a motherboard can take?
  6. N8T1308

    N8T1308 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 35

    And by buying a new mobo and processor will i have to buy a new operating system as well?
  7. Rage_3K_Moiz

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    Adding a higher wattage PSU cannot kill a motherboard, since the motherboard and the rest of the system only draw the power they require, and nothing more. 1300W being the total possible power output of both PSUs combined doesn't mean that the PSUs supply that power all the time. It only means that the PSUs can supply upto that much power when required.

    Check your motherboard's power connections. There may be a plug or two missing. Also check the connector for the power button on your case. Don't buy a new mobo unless you're 100% sure the current one is dead.
  8. Rottenweiler

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    What are the actual symptoms? What is/isn't the motherboard doing?
    You said you think you put too much wattage...
    That is wrong, read reply just above...the board only draws what is required.

    Did you see/smell smoke?
    DO any LED's light up?

    I agree...stop, think, before you go spending more money.
  9. N8T1308

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    son of a %^$#@ are you guys serious?!?!? I took the guy from Geek Squads advice and he could have been everything powered up just fine but i would recieve a "no signal" on my screen. I would not recieve ANY beeps of any kind when i would power my computer up. Fans, LEDs, PSU fans, and everything that i could see would power up. I did not smell or see any smoke or any foul smells.
    I through it away but i just took it out because im praying that its still good. Any by the way i havnt spent anymoney yet thank god:) I did not check to see if any LEDs on the motherboard lit up...didn't realize there could be some on there.
    I have no processor though so is there a way to check the life of my mobo without the memory or processor in it? i still have the memory if i need to put that comp is in peices so....
  10. AtK SpAdE

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    Without a CPU it will be hard to tell.

    The majority of mobos have a green light near the Main (p1) Power connector. This will indicate that the motherboard is getting power.

    Do you still have all the parts to put it back togther? If the fans spin and lights come on, I doubt it will be your motherboard. Are you using a video card or onboard video?
  11. N8T1308

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    I have all the parts so im getting it set up now... i tried using my aftremarket video card and my onboard video and still got nothing on the screen just no signal
  12. N8T1308

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    no led came on
  13. Cinders

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    Your power supply seems to be the problem.

    You are now at the point where you take the motherboard out of the case and bench test it in the box your new motherboard came in. Just use your memory and video card. You'll have to momentarily short the two pins that are normally connected to the case power button to get the computer started. If it starts up, power down the system and connect your hard drive and see what happens.
  14. N8T1308

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    whats a bench test? can you give me a step by step on how to test it?
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