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how the heck do u work trillian

By bobby123 ยท 7 replies
Nov 2, 2006
  1. As my msn has gone crap and doesnt work anymore i installed trillian, added my email account and said connect. It says connected but icant see any of my contacts. All i can see is connected with my name and my image???
  2. smore9648

    smore9648 TS Rookie Posts: 697

    Have you looked at the forum, if there is one for this program? or emailed the company? I do not use this program, So I can't help you there
  3. iv used this program a couple of times for the same reason my msn went crap, i dont have it installed atm but from memory u have to go into the options and there should be something about uploading contacts or viewing contacts or something along those lines and u put ur msn account in and it should work, took me a while to figure it out but i got it eventually
  4. bobby123

    bobby123 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 336

    jtickner, where is this option thing on it?
  5. umm im not to sure atm sorry but ill download trillian when i get home and tell how you do it,
  6. ok install trillian > click trillian basic > choose your identity > choose your features (in my case msn) > wait for download to complete > open trillian > click on the connections menu > click add new connection > input ur msn details > then wait about 1 min or so then ur contacts will pop up :)

    hope this helps cause it worked for me, if u have any other troubles just let me no
  7. bobby123

    bobby123 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 336

    seems like my msn is working agen jtickner but im sure it wil die soon in which case i will have another crack at trillian and let you know whats happened. thanks anyway (y)
  8. no worries
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