How to Block Incoming and Outgoing Network Connections Using the Windows Firewall

I still use a non-Microsoft firewall to have an out-bound alert pop up whenever anything tries to go online. Then I can easily make a rule to allow if I agree with it. This used to be a more common approach to privacy and security. It is fun seeing how many programs insist on being "always on" and phoning home now that people don't pay as much attention as they used to. It is unfortunate that many of the great firewall software companies have closed.

1) There are some front end programs that give better features and an improved UI to the built-in Windows Firewall. Which ones are people still using?

2) Would the built-in MS firewall be able to block MS itself if configured correctly, say for updates or telemetry?
Good on some apps I use this I use to use Windows 7 firewall Companion free one for years worked..
Windows firewall it's a wannabe L7 software firewall. Thank's but no thank's. Since M$ can modify my rules as they please and also other app's I install. Using an old PC with random Linux for NAT, IP forwading and UFW or IP Tables makes more sense. I'm currenty using a Microtik router for this since it only draw 6W of power.