How to create a new column using data of other columns in Microsoft Access

I have a database which has about 60000 rows and 3 columns.
Here I have made a picture to show what exactly I want, this picture represent a general view of my data structure and also represent what I want.

I have 3 first columns (from left) and I want to create a new column like the last one which named New Text.
As you see I want to create a column which duplicate the Text of every row for X times. And X is the frequency of repeated number in Number ID 2.

For example: In Number ID 2, 8 repeated four times. So New Text should have four H. (H represent the text)

Please consider this to be done by Microsoft Access software, which I have no experience of working with.



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will take TWO updates.

1) a transaction to ADD Column "New Text"; commit

2) another to UPDATE "New Text" where "Number ID 2" equals "Number ID 1" value is TEXT;

(or something close to that - - it's be a while since I last used SQL grammar.
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Bro, you might say which button, in which menu I have to press. I totally new to Microsoft Access.
But I got your concept, just say how to make a transaction.


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NEVER use MS Access; just raw SQL, so maybe someone can get to the
procedure on Access for you - - sorry