How to delete company name from bios

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Sep 19, 2008
  1. Hi

    I recently bought a use Dell GX270 medium desktop. When the bios comes up, the company name who owned this computer is at the top of the bios screen. I have flashed the bios, I have shorted the pins and started over with the bios but to no avail. Is there another chip thats linked to the bios that I'm missing.

    Any suggestions would be welcome!

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    I would have thought it more likely that the OS splash screen had a modification, NOT the Bios.
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    No it's the Bios

    Just use a boot floppy (or CD) with on it

    and on a command line type Asset /?
    Which gives you all the commands available
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    A very interesting find Kimsland.
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    If CCT gives me praise I know I'm doing well :)

    It'll be nice if rawfasting would reply with his thoughts too. Especially after it seems he has spent many hours on it, and it took me 6 mins to reply with an answer!
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    Bios name

    Hi everyone

    Thanks for all the suggestions and I'm sure they work but I'm NOT computer savvy. I did go to "run" and "CMD" to get a dos prompt but Asset /0 or Asset /? didn't do anything expect tell me it was a bad command.

    Am I doing something wrong?

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    Using from a BootDisk

    Create a Floppy BootDisk, here are some to use:
    If you do not have a Floppy Drive use a BootCD instead, here is one:
    Here is some info on its creation:

    Copy the file "" to the new Bootdisk
    Start your computer with the boot disk in the drive
    Confirm your system bios is set for Floppy or CD as first boot device (depending upon what disk you created)
    Allow the disk to be started and eventually to a command line
    You should see a prompt, such as A:\> This is the command prompt.

    On the command prompt type: ASSET /o /d
    This will remove the owner tag

    Here are some more usages of (Thanks to CCT's link)

    ASSET new_asset_tag Specify new asset tag
    ASSET /d Delete asset tag
    ASSET /o new_owner_tag Specify new owner tag (if applicable)
    ASSET /o /d Delete owner tag (if applicable)
    ASSET /? This help screen

    Hidden Options:

    ASSET /s new_service_tag Specify new service tag
    ASSET /s /d Delete service tag
    ASSET /b Specify new system board tag
    system board tag must be "ssssssssssssssssssss-vvv-", where
    s..s is the 20 digit system board Part number string,
    vvv is the 3 digit system board rev,
    - is a don't care character, but must be present
    ASSET /b /d Delete system board tag
    ASSET /f [other_options] Force Affirmative response
    ASSET /x [other options] eXtended display - displays all tags


    Using asset /? should show you lots of uses, like Asset /o for owner tag
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