How to determine if the processor is really damaged?

By lazylightning
Feb 21, 2011
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  1. Hi,

    Lately, for several months, I've had some locking up of the screen. If I stop moving or trying to move the mouse and clicking, then after a minute or so the screen will flash a couple of times and the movement will free up and perhaps some of what I clicked on will react. Often when I'm writing something, it doesn't respond at first and then after a minute the words start appearing letter by letter. If I really start clicking alot of things, I would get a blue screen with a video driver got stuck in the thread -code.
    For the last four months or so, there has been alot of points or strands of wrong colored pixels on the screen, just scattered everywhere. Sometimes they are and sometimes they are not.
    About a month ago, when I was in the computer to check the fan on the video card (because of the glitches on the screen and all), I discovered that the CPU cooling block/fan was detached from the surface of the processor and kind of hanging there. After getting the fan back on with a new layer of heat transfer paste, it practically never crashes to the blue screen anymore, but the glitches remain and the processes still get stuck with freeze ups for a minute or so. The video card seemed fine (cooling was working), but the CPU had no cooling block on it for possibly up to about six months. I figured I did some damage to it, but everything still works more or less and I wasn't shure if the glithces were from the processor or if they were, perhaps I could live with it.
    Well, spring has arrived and I re-installed my favorite old online game, BFV. Wow! I have seen such trippy pictures in ages. As soon as I got in a heli and took off, it started freezing up and layers of the earth started becoming transparent and there was a layer made up of may strange objects, like red triangles with golden stars. Trees had boxes around them. Every vehicle was with missing layers so you could see the framework it was made up of. Then it just froze. Each time I tried it, the sky and earth were made up of different little pictures. Many of which I had never actually seen in the game but were obviously related to the theme, and it gave me the impression that they were put into the game as part of the construction blocks by the developers. So I tried a much older and simpler game IGI-2, and it was exactly the same. All the skins were mixed up. More sky made from different repeating pictures.Then when I get near bots, it freezes. Then the nvidia driver crashes(error notice in game) and even if I get out of the game (through task manager) everything on my desktop is totally distorted and discolored and then a while after the game has already been closed (30 seconds to one minute), the last frozen image in the game suddenly re-appears and retakes the screen. Only reboot gets me out. So I tried re-installing the video driver and even used the nvidia driver removal tool because I couldnt get the new driver to install until I used it. Still no luck though, the games still dont work.
    I have formatted, reinstalled windows and the video driver a number of times. Still it's the same. I think I really did damage the CPU by running it for a long time with no cooler.
    Still, I would like to be sure it's not the MB, RAM or video card. Maybe a bad processor could damage them? I've tested the CPU with RightMark CPU, but I cant really understand what the results are. There is Mm, Pc, Ts and one other line on the graph. Mm is jumping between 500 and 1000 while the other two are at about 570 constant. One test says that the base is 1000 and my score is 650. Whatever that means.
    I cant find a RAM test that works in windows without having to have a floppy. The video card seems okay. When I turn the video card test on, the whole comp slows down to near freezing of all functions like browsing.
    Can I get any suggestions from anyone? The processor is not discolored though =-)))

    Best Regards,
  2. Mark56

    Mark56 TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,886

    Well, you might have been lucky enough not to have cooked the CPU. The symptons to me sound more like faulty RAM or the graphics card. Memtest86+ runs from a CD so that should help. Follow this guide to test the RAM and also remove your graphics card and clean the contacts with a soft rubber as described for the RAM sticks and reseat it. You could also try this test on the CPU and RAM but I've not used it myself so don't know if the results will be any easier to understand than the one you have used.


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