How to enable cookies?

By Bigfatgoalie · 5 replies
Jan 8, 2008
  1. Hi all,

    I’m sure this is ridiculously easy but can someone please tell me how to enable cookies on IE?

    Amazon won’t let me log in because it says I don’t have cookies enabled. I have not consciously turned them off and I used to be able to get into Amazon so why it's doing this now I have no idea.

    I have tried clicking internet options -> Privacy settings and then setting this to default, then overriding and 'allowing' cookies but Amazon doesn’t seem to accept either.

    I am running Zonealarm free version if this could be the culprit?

    Any ideas,


  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,168   +986

    cookies are managed entirely by the browser, not ANY firewall settings.

    if you REALLY have a cookie issue, then all sites will have the same problem.

    if it's only one site, then it's an issue with the site OR your browser cache.

    empty the browser cache, delete ALL cookies and quit your browser.
    now run -> cmd /k ipconfig /flushdns.

    and relaunch IE
  3. steveo0000

    steveo0000 TS Rookie

    amazon "enable cookie" prob

    hi, all
    i had the same prob every time i tried to put things in basket the site said enable cookies even though they were enabled in browser settings. i found the soloutionto my prob to be the date/time on my comp set incorrectly.
  4. paj306

    paj306 TS Rookie

    Confirmation of fix

    Thanks Stevo0000.. My date was set to october instead of september. After changing this I could login to Amazon, Thanks
  5. conzila

    conzila TS Rookie


    my month was also wrong and when i changed it to the correct month, i to could log on to amazon.
  6. sunflower

    sunflower TS Rookie

    Msg saying enable cookies - but they are????

    Hi I have the same problem, but cannot seem to fix it. Been using Amazon fine with no problems ti a couple of days ago when tried to add something to my basket and it came up 'enable cookies'. I've not turned them off and so far this is what i've done but it's still coming up 'enable cookies'. My security and Privacy are both on medium, my advanced settings say enable first party cookies and third party cookies, i've even selected specifically amazon to 'always allow cookies'. Ive cleared history, temp files etc. I've checked time and date etc and are all correct. I've checked my internet protection and that is not blocking cookies, i even uninstalled it to be certain and amazon still came up 'enable cookies'. I've done virus search and i'm clear. I've also contacted amazon who say they've not had any server problems and to clear history and refresh - all simple things i've tried!! I'm having no problems with any other site. Amazon allows me to log in but as soon as go to search for an item to buy it automatically logs me back out. Getting frustrated as i've really tried everything i can think off and don't understand why it's suddenly started doing this. Any help or advice would be much appreciated!!
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