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Jul 21, 2005
  1. I guess the question should be how do I find Internet Explorer again. It just might be the reason I can't get things to work. Since virus clean, I can't get the page up, or anything to do with IE. Yahoo chat for one. Pager works fine. I normally use netscape so most things went un-noticed, and I"m still getting by. But not happily.
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    Ok, I tried that it told me I already have a newer version already installed. So I guess its there. Nothing new I try will recognize an internet connection. It's got to be something simple and stupid. Been through all my internet connection menu's. All seem to be ok.
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    Check Program Files

    Go to My computer, C:, program files, and see if internet explorer is in there. If it is try to click on the icon. Let me know what happens. I'm curious. Oh by the way, is there any icon on your desktop, taskbar, start menu, for internet exporer??
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    sometimes when you remove spyware and trojans it breaks your sockets. Saw someones post about it last week, or we discussed it in the IRC channel. lemme see if I have the link to that fix...

    try that, otherwise you'll have probably have to do a Install/Repair or worse...
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    it is not uncommon for malicious software to cause unrepairable damage to windows, the registry, and your brower(s), thus forcing drastic actions such as reformatting.
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