How to Find Your Original Windows 10 Product Key


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I signed because I just want to say thank you... the suggested script works well for me (saved to "vbs")
again, thank you


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So, here's the situation: I "won" a retired laptop (Dell E7450, originally delivered with Windows 8.1 Pro) from work. So, the ownership has changed from my company to me. So, I took it home and started it up. The laptop now has Windows 10 Pro installed but not activated. Was able to find the Windows UEFI/BIOS key using the above script (wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey) - worked great! Thanks! Now, since I was curious, I clicked "Troubleshoot" in the activation screen and after a bit, it was activated- to my surprise. Now, I was able to determine what type of license it had: Volume KMS Client license. I'm not sure of the exact path of the activation, but my thinking is that it's not going to fly with my company that I activated on their volume license. The plan was to buy a retail (used) copy of Windows 8.1 and install it. Is that possible after using the slmgr uninstall commands above??


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Thanks cliffordcooley for the response. Personal preference: I won't ever move to Windows 10 on my systems. My ultimate OS installs will be Linux running a retail version of Windows 8.1 Pro in a VM.


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I must have misunderstood then. It looked as if you tried to upgrade to Windows 10. And when you did, you noticed it was a volume license for your company.

If Windows 8.1 is all you want. Did the Notebook come preinstalled with 8.1? Or was 8.1 a volume license as well? If the Notebook had its own independent license you should be able to get that license activated again. If not you will need to find another license.

Does the Notebook have an OEM sticker on the bottom? Sometimes it will be located in the battery compartment.

If all else fails. You might can get a resolution by calling Dell Help Support.


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Thank you for the article.

"now manufacturers are storing this license within the machine's UEFI/BIOS and the information is automatically retrieved and applied when reinstalling the operating system. Certainly a better approach overall."

I strongly disagree. If the motherboard has to be replaced, you are screwed and have to buy yet another license (especially if you bought 3rd-party in replacing oem). Microsoft is really cashing in on this. No doubt in their plan. Finding the key like this is a big help.

I didn't. I was quite SURPRISED how easy it was. My lappy, under warranty had go back, and they replaced the motherboard. It came back, with windows home. I had paid for the upgrade.
With the machine still "fresh out of the box", nothing of mine was installed, went to the MS site, got online with a "chat agent", and after allowing him to remote in, I had pro back in about 20 minutes.
After disconnecting, I dumped the remote program, cleaned out the registry and checked to make sure there wasn't anything left. But, the chat agent even sent me an email with the key for this pro update that will work with my laptop, just in case I need to install it again.