Build a PC How to fix a stuck pixel


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So, I got a new LCD TV/monitor and it had a stuck pixel that was red set it back and got one with a blue stuck pixel this time. How do I fix this? I've tried several methods and none of them seem to work and I'm get frustrated.

Tried rubbing it through a cloth, tapping it with a pencil through a cloth, tried the color flasher things that claim to fix it and nothing. Is there a definitive method to fixing this?


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Learn to ignore it, or return it if they have a "1 dead pixel" return policy. Some have a 3-5 minimum dead pixels policy before they will accept an RMA. IIR.


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There's a difference between "stuck", and "dead". I'm thinking that DOA is just that, dead.

I've had a pixel actually stick on a monitor, and it cured itself. But, I've never seen a DOA pixel, come back to life.

Best thing to hope for is that they're in an out of the way location.

If you keep screwing around with it, you'll probably just scratch the screen.


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No, they are both in the field of view when playing games which is what I use this TV for. I've decided to return it cause I just found a dead pixel in addition to the Blue stuck pixel. Thanks for your input guys


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there are programs that exist to "exercise" or coax stuck pixels. unfortunately, none of them can revive a dead pixel.

many of these programs are free.

no amount of rubbing will fix it. It has to be coaxed electrically if it will work at all.