How to get hd on v+ box

By ljb32
Jan 27, 2008
  1. I have just had v= box installed and being very dumb cannot get hd on it. They gave a hdmi cable but said the tv (which is hd ready) hadn't got the right connector co to get component cables. Got these ans still no joy. Had to take tv back to novatech for an update (working on dvi he said?) tried again and when go to change settings on the v+ menus it is only showing composite and rgb - before it was showing various options including the hi def hdmi that i suppose to change it to. Do i need to buy another cable that is hdmi that will go into the v=box that has a dvi end on it to go into the tv? If so do i dissconnect the component cables? sorry to be so stupid but to a complete novice it is very confusing. Also the cable co. keep saying that then you have to find the hd channel on your tv from the manual - what does this mean? I have looked at the manual and cannot find the info - the tv is Atec320W - 18months old. thank you.
  2. raybay

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    It appears a complete cable set is missing, or required as a component add-on.
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