How to install a video card

By sims2
Nov 6, 2005
  1. Hi, I just bought the Radeon® 9200 128MB AGP and I have no idea how to install it, how do I take out my old video card?? please help, I just wanna be able to play the sims 2

  2. hangintite68

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    open up your case, and there you should see a brown slot (called an AGP slot) if there is a card in there, remove it. and make sure to press the lever in the back if you have one. this will unlock it, then insert the new card in, and then instlal the drivers :)
  3. vnf4ultra

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    You could be in one of two situations, you could have a video card installed in your system, or you could have integrated(permanently built in) graphics. Integrated are poor for games.

    In the first case, you'd open the case locate the video card, which would likely(hopefully, since you have an agp card) be in an agp slot. It should be the top slot, or the slot that's indented more from the back of the case than the other slots. Before touching the old or new card touch a metal part of the case to discharge any static you may have(so you don't shock and fry a part). Then you'd remove the screw/bracket that holds the card in place. Some agp slots have a locking clip on the end of the slot if you have one, you'd release that as well. Then once you have removed the card, you'd install the new card in the slot carefully, making sure it's fully seated. Then you'd install the screw/bracket to hold it in place, install any extra power cables to it(if applicable), then replace the case's cover. At this point connect your monitor to the new video card, as well as any other cables you may have disconnected before installing the card. Then you may turn on the pc. It should boot, and you should be able to see things on the screen, but at a low resolution. Once in windows, install the driver for the card, and set the resolution and screen refresh rate.

    If you have integrated graphics you may not have an agp slot to upgrade the video(all slots will likely be the same, pci), you'll need to see if you do have an agp slot. If you do have an agp slot make sure the card can physically fit in the slot, if so, it should be ok. Follow the above directions, except after booting the first time, go into the bios(press f1, f2, or del, whatever your system uses), and try to find a selection for video. It should be like video:(integrated, agp, pci). You'd select agp, and save the settings and exit. Then you'd continue booting and follow the above directions. If you don't have an agp slot, you would probably need to get a pci video card. Here's the current best pci card.

    Hope this is helpful.

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    hopefully he doesn't need PCI lol....
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