how to intall video card

By natedogg70056
Oct 5, 2005
  1. I'm trying to install my radeon 9250 graphics card but i need help on how to install it. pci version 256 MB
  2. DonNagual

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    If it came with a manual, it's best to follow that...

    There are some things we need to know before we can help. What is the make/model of your current motherboard? Does it have integrated graphics that will need to be disabled, or do you currently have some other video card installed?

    Assuming that you have integrated graphics, here is typically what you do.

    Reboot your computer into safe mode, and then go into your device manager. Find the video driver for the onboard graphics and delete it.

    Shut off computer.

    Put in new card, and plug the monitor into it.

    Turn on your computer. It should ask you for the drivers at some point for the new hardware. I'd recommend going to ATI's website and getting the latest ahead of time and getting the latest version.

    That's the basics, and will work for most people. Sometimes you will need to change some BIOS settings for video, especially if it is a AGP slot. I am not sure if there is a bios setting to change to a PCI slot though... but if you are having problems getting it to work, that is one thing you'll want to check.
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