How to learn about the Internet of Things without messing with solders and wires

By TS Dealmaster
May 10, 2016
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  1. If you’re at all interested in electronics, programming, or robotics, you won’t find a better training ground to explore and try your skills than on a single board computer. With SBCs building in popularity, you can find out what the buzz is about with one of the most popular single board systems around, the Wio Link, and an accompanying kit and Online Learning Bundle.

    These examples of modern-day DIY computing pack the essential items a computer needs to run (RAM, a processor, inputs and outputs to hook into other components) onto one single circuit board. And what makes the Wio Link a darling of computer tinkerers is its simplicity.

    Wio Link interfaces with robotic Internet of Things components as drag and drop elements. That allows almost any Wio Link user to assemble working applications without any hardcore programming or electronics skills, eliminating the need for soldering, jumper wires and other technical requirements that can scare many lay-people away from SBCs.

    The package includes all the needed pieces for a fully-functioning Wio Link plus courses in three critical programming disciplines to open up new possibilities in your builds: Node.js, Python and JavaScript.

    With full Wio Link mastery, you’ll be able to automate simple computer processes, construct real-world robots or just play with computer coding without the risk of crippling an expensive system. Perfect for innovators and kids who want to be innovators, you can get the Complete Wio Link Kit & Online Learning Bundle for $99 (75% off) in the TechSpot Store.

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