How to remove MSOCache?

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I can't imagine that no one has asked about this before, but nothing came up when I searched for "MSOCache"...

I just had to upgrade part of Office to the 2007 version for work, and I noticed a new 529Mb folder afterward.with install data backup for Office

Apparently "MSOCache" used to be removable on the 2003 version, but according to a web search, the Office 2007 version can not be removed.

After 3 years, has anyone found a way to remove this useless folder?

I am particularly irritated because I only installed Powerpoint 2007 and yet the install program copied the install files for ALL of Office 2007 to my HD. I already have the install file backed up, and I do not want MS storing its crap on my HD at over 500Mbs. :mad:

Anyone have any ideas besides the things that used to work for Office 2003 (clicking the option to remove install files during install, using Disk Cleanup to find and delete the files) but that no longer work for Office 2007?

If you delete the folder manually it just reappears, and so good luck if malware sneaks itself in there - you would never be able to clean without an OS wipe. :mad:

There is a method described on this ehow url; I have not tried it but it seems safe to me.

Please let me know if it works :)
Thanks Archean. That was one of the pages I read before posting here, and I don't think the author knows what he is talking about for 2 reasons.

1. He does not list the correct location for the folder in question. It is not in the C:\Program Files directory, it is a hidden folder right in C:\

2. Using unlocking software to delete the folder is not necessary and does not prevent Office from recreating the folder the next time you run the software.

So I don't trust that article at all. All the reputable sites say the folder can not be removed for Office 2007. I am just hoping that enough time has passed now since the software was released that someone who hates MS has figured out how to do it by now...

Thanks for the reply. :wave:
Ok; I will look further into this and see how it can be done.

By the way someone suggested moveonboot on another thread to remove locked files etc. I don't know if it will work; but i'm going to download it from cent and see it as well :)

Its a long shot but ..... although according to MS it can't be done as you told; but even more stupid thing is if you choose to install other component's on different partition another msocache will be created on that partition as well :(
Didn't know that about the partitions. MS's reputations for being @-holes is certaintly well deserved.
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