how to remove ubuntu from dual boot from xp

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Apr 2, 2007
  1. i have a dual boot on my machine now i feel like their is not enough space in my machine so i need to remove the ubuntu . so can any body suggest me how to do that so it will be really help full
    my machine is xp installed.and i need to be like it same

    thanks a lot

  2. Back up any of your files that you want that are on the Linux partitions and:

    Boot to the recovery console using your XP CDROM, enter the commands "fixboot" then "fixmbr" and reboot. XP should boot, GRUB will not load at all as it should have been removed from the bootloader.

    Once XP has booted go to start -> run and enter "diskmgmt.msc". Look for the Linux partitions and delete and format them into NTFS or FAT32. If you're not sure which are the Linux partitions post up what you can see in the list before proceeding.
  3. sunbob5

    sunbob5 TS Rookie

    The Simple Way Out!

    back up files
    format drives
    install o/s
    everyone is happy
  4. divide100

    divide100 TS Rookie

    I also need help with removing ubuntu

    Ok i removed dual boot.... and formated and deleted the ubuntu stuff then i changed some stuff and got my Local Disk C to go to its original state (as in original memory state) on diskmgmt.msc but not in "My Computer" so i think it didn't really go back to its original memory and i can't download the same amount of stuff can somebody please help me???
  5. cirilm

    cirilm TS Rookie

    Hello there , I have a similliar problem, so i did the fixboot and fix mbr
    but now while loading windows , my computer restart at the initial stages it asks whether to start windows normally
  6. cirilm

    cirilm TS Rookie

    Hello Jo , I have got a small problem here , i had linux (ubuntu) and windows , to uninstall i just removed ubuntu and formated that partition, but later on restart i saw a grub error, so i did a fixboot and fixmbr on recovery, but now half way of loading windows my computer restarts and again repeats , please advice
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