How to "repair" internet connection?

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Nov 21, 2008
  1. EDIT: Found my way iinto Comodo firewall, found something that brought up the screen about finding a new private network, clicked OK, then "repaired" the connection, now it works. But why would it quit in the first place after it was working?

    good old Windoze!! they should call it Circles

    XP SP3

    Have been connecting to the same internet-only connection at work for over 6 months, now all of a sudden it won't. "Limited or no connectivity"

    Tried the Repair the Connection thing, windows can't repair it.

    The dayshift guy at my desk has no problem with his laptop on that same hookup.

    I recently installed Comodo av & firewall, is there some setting in there that's blocking that? New to Comodo. Before had ZA full suite.
    It did work a few times with Comodo, but then all of a sudden won't connect. When I installed Comodo firewall, some window came up about a "new network" or something - don't remember much about it exactly, didn't know what to do with it other than accept hooking up to what it identified as the "new network" - was the same network, just the diff / new firewall.

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    Every time I get caught up in trying to find things I don't often use in Windows, that comes to mind - I feel like I'm running around in Circles and never get to the end of things. One Window after another and after a half dozen of them I forget where I'm going or where I came from, and it seems I can't find my way back if I have to. Kind of like being in a maze.

    Years ago a good IT engineer friend of mine, that had quit a good post in LA for a large company because of the polities etc, used to call it Windoze.

    Thanks for the link, I'll be sure to keep it for reference!!
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    Yes there's been a few


    But after many forum visits, I've agreed that it's MS Windows sadly :(
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    Hi Mac

    Can't you stay out of trouble?:D

    Just turn off Comodo Firewall long enough to see if it is really the problem.

    Also did you check that the Windows Firewall is off. It may have been on the whole time.

    Don't run both!

    If it is on now turn it off also. But when you turn Comodo back on test again with only Comodo if Windows Firewall was on at same time as Comodo!

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