How To Report Your Computer's Device Manager Data


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[CENTER]How To Report Your Computer's Device Manager Data[/CENTER]
Follow these instructions when asked to report your computer's Device Manager data

The DevManView tool has both a 32- and 64-bit version
> For 32-bit Windows, download DevManView
> For 64-bit Windows, download DevManView for x64 systems
Next, run DevManView. In the DevManView window
  1. Press Ctrl+A to select all devices (All devices should be highlighted in the DevManView window!)
  2. Press Ctrl+Sto save all the selected devices
    • For File name, enter any file name
    • For Save as type, use the pull down menu. Be sure to Save As Tab Delimited Text File (*.txt) (see thumbnail below)
      ....==> This save format may not look readable but when it's imported to Excel - I can read it quite well! :)
    • Click Save and save the file on your Desktop
  3. Finally, upload the file to your next TechSpot post
DevManView Save.jpg