How to restore older version of Mozilla Firefox

By Pazuzu
Jul 6, 2009
  1. I just installed the latest version of Firefox 3.5. On using I got message stating that it is not compatible with Norton IPS . There does not seem to be any add on available to resolve this so I would like to know how to get the older version of Firefox - preferrably without losing all my bookmarks.

    I will try to look around for the solution, but my brain is a little soggy at the moment & the panic prompted me to post here first !

    Panic over !!! I engaged what little brain I have & searched the Mozilla support forums. Older versions of firefox available from the link below :-
  2. Rick

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  3. Bobbye

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    I'm still using Firefox v3.0.11.

    From Norton Community:
    Looks like final v3.5 just came out 6 days ago- June 30, 2009
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    firefox 3.5 isn't compatible with the clamwin extension either.
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