How to save Windows 98 .adm files after edit?

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Dec 5, 2003
  1. I have edited a .adm file to allow me different choices in the hide drives section, but when i save it, it wont load.

    i have tried saving it as a text file, and as a unicode format file. the text file wouldnt load, and the unicode version made the pc bomb like nothing i'd ever witnessed in my life before. quite an accomplishment :)

    any help would be great, ive looked webwise but havent had much luck. its just the format to save it as that i require

  2. RealBlackStuff

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    Note that if you modify an .adm file while the System Policy Editor application is running, you will need to reload the file. From the Options menu, select Policy Template, and press OK. This reloads the structure, and your new entries will be available. (You do not need to perform this step if you modify a file before starting the System Policy Editor; the reload is done automatically each time the System Policy Editor starts.)
  3. yukka

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    its the reload when it barfs at me. says there is an error on line 326, a string not declared.

    thing is im only adding a new entry on a list, using identical syntax as the previous entry etc. i assumed i was saving it wrong, can't see how its going wrong, unless it has a problem with white space or with my using ms wordpad.
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    Not knowing the file you are editing, could it be that it declared room for say 100 entries and yours is entry 101, i.e. out of bounds?
    Don't even know what programming language you are using.
    Check all matching (), [], {} and : : / \ around where you were working. Just in case, check you don't have an extra "end" statement etc.
  5. yukka

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    This is the section of the policy template i am trying to change. all i am doing is changing one of the Name strings to read "Show A, D, F, O and U drives" and to change the VALUE NUMERIC to the appropriate number, which is an 8 digit number. im reading it using wordpad.

    POLICY "Hide drives in My Computer"
    VALUENAME "NoDrives"
    NAME "Hide All Drives"
    VALUE NUMERIC 67108863
    NAME "Show A and U drives"
    VALUE NUMERIC 66060286
    NAME "Show A, D and U drives"
    VALUE NUMERIC 66060278
    NAME "Show A, D, F, O and U drives"
    VALUE NUMERIC 66043862
    NAME "Show All Drive"
  6. yukka

    yukka TechSpot Paladin Topic Starter Posts: 861   +67

    the actual policy file is nested, that verson contains the actual string i want to input, but it wont run when i load it into poledit. it complains of an undeclared string in line 326, which makes no sense to me because im not touching that line, im not inputting a new line, i am just changing a label and changing a number.

    i just double checked it, and the policy file loads fine then if i load it into my text editor and save it, the policy editor then fails to load it.

    it isnt my adding of text, its the format of the file that is being saved incorrectly.

    this is the kind of pc problem that really ****** me off. should be simple, can't find the fecking information for love nor money :(
  7. RealBlackStuff

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  8. yukka

    yukka TechSpot Paladin Topic Starter Posts: 861   +67

    thanks for the links, ill give them a try.

    i finally got the file to read in poledit. i dont know what i was doing wrong, but i replaced a previous entry with the number and made sure the label was exactly the same number of characters as before.

    i can make changes as long as i dont alter the amount of characters used in the document, either by adding too many or by by removing any amount. its really silly :) i think i had a copy changed for the bad as my main for a while, but i had made a windows.adm.bak file and was able to replace it.

    still cant make proper changes without it falling over.
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