How to scan a Huawei smartphone


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Hi guys,

I want to scan my Huawei smartphone using my Windows 7 machine. What requirements does it need for that task? What anti-virus should I use for it? Please guide me.


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If you're trying to scan just the your phone, download Lookout from the app store and it'll do the trick. If you really want to scan your phone from PC, simply install the required driver for your phone on your PC and setup a custom scan on your preferred anti-virus/malware software and select your phone's drive.


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If you want to scan your android there are too many antiviruses available in the market which provides you best android antiviruses.
Or if you want to scan your phone with your pc you have to connect it via data cable and then open window defender and click a custom scan for your android.
Hope this will help you.


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If I want to scan an Android device using my Windows 10 X64, is the anti-virus installed for the Windows able to find malicious files on the Android device too?
I mean, probably the worms and viruses for Android are different from Windows and the Windows AV is properly working on those Windows files only.


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So, to sum up, it's right that using a PC running Windows for instance, regardless of whatever AV we use on it, scanning an Android/iOS device is just wasting time, isn't it?


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You mean data scanning?
Then you should just plug in to your PC and find folder related to your smartphone.