How to store music on the new hdd

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Jun 28, 2008
  1. Hi all
    my hd was getting abit full so managed to get hold of a 20 gig unit all seems fine fitted in case ok set to slave etc my problem is i have loads of music i was hoping to put on this hd but when i do wmp cant find it,,, i know its because windows cant find the path anymore how do i change it so i can put all my music on new hd and any new music is stored here too. and wmp can find it ? it must be an easy fix but if ya dont know how to do it,,,, ya just dont know how to do it and i dont
    my machine is xp sp2 40 gig hd + 20 gig hd pentium 4 1.5 gig ram
    O yes while im here has anyone come across this one wmp issue about 80%of the time when i switch between playlists instead of a black background with the track text in white i get random lines where the background is white with white text (cant see the track info) to sort it all i need to do is klick library options then choose columns then just ok it and bingo sorted just abit anoying any ideas ?
    thanks in advance
  2. mott

    mott TS Rookie Topic Starter

    look im sorry if i have offended anyone by posting some kind of dumb question but its a genuine question .i am not the most clued up person with regard to computers ,(thats why i asked for help),or is there another reason why questions posted after mine now have upward of 30 replies while i have nothing
  3. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    It wasn't a dumb question. To answer why you haven't been answered is because the people who come to give advice/help are all volunteers. They come when they can. Which brings us to this fact: Most likely you haven't received an answer is a) the people who can answer have yet to read your postor b) they aren't quite clear on what you are asking.
  4. mott

    mott TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks for responding /im sorry to be so frustrated no excuse for it just that ya know how it is when youve been wrestling with something for hours ,,tend to get a little wired not angry @anyone here just miffed @ my lack of knowledge in the presence of such tallent ,, god i cant believe i posted complaining about response time normaly sooo chilled about things think i better hit the sack its 3.50 am here ..things may go better if i walk away

    sorry again
  5. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Apology accepted and we really do understand frustration with computers. We've all been where you are. When things clear tell us again what exactly you need to have happen.

    Seagate's external harddrives are something you may want to look into if you want to transfer and store music, etc.
  6. mott

    mott TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hi feeling ok now ....right then been thinking about the problem and i may be trying to solve a non existant issue ...i got it in to my head that my pc would run faster and smoother if the master HD was as empty as possible and all my music was transfered on to the new HD (drive D ) this is where my problem originated from ....when i did transfer music on to the second HD windows media player couldnt find it to play ..i mean the track was listed in the library but clicking on it the file went red and some sort of warning popped up about "wmp couldnt find the path to the file then i was blinkerd in to thinking i need to solve this ..but with a good night sleep i now think ...WHY.. why should i bother moving all the music on to another HD leave it where it is I still have more memory now than i did before so
    What do you think ? am i right to think keep the master HD as empty as possible ?or is this just rubbish
  7. Route44

    Route44 TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 11,984   +72

    Are you noticing a slow down or other issues with your music on the master HD? If not, the rule is "If it isn't broke don't fix it." If room is an issue I think you would be better off getting an external harddrive and transferring all your music there and purchase a larger harddrive and set it as Master. Then transfer your music back.

    Keep you HD defragmented and do an occasional harddrive diagnostics for routine maintenance. Also, if a harddrive does become too full you will have issues such as slowdowns.
  8. LookinAround

    LookinAround Ex Tech Spotter Posts: 6,491   +184

    Hi Mott
    • Welcome to TechSpot and no worries about being frustrated when first posting. Many people are. After all, that’s why they found TechSpot and are posting in the first place! As Route44 pointed out, everyone here helping does so on a volunteer basis when they have the time. It also requires the volunteer who reads the question feels they have sufficient knowledge on that subject to offer an answer. Finally (I think) first posts over a weekend seems to get slower responses then posts on a weekday.
    • I see you in your system specs you have a 40GB primary hard drive. There’s no reason to keep it as empty as possible. You only need assure that (my guess) of about 1 - 1.5GB remains free so its available for use by Windows and other software for temporary file space they'll need.
    • That said, note that good maintenance of your hard drives does help keep your computer running faster. A couple examples
      • Run a disk defragmenting tool periodically on the drive
      • Periodically remove the temporary / junk files left behind by Internet browsers and many applications. An easy way to do this is to install freeware tool CCleaner. When you first start it note the options you have on things to remove (under Windows and Applications tabs). You may not want it to remove everything checked (e.g. uncheck Cookies as you probably don’t want ALL cookies deleted every time)
    • If you should want to move all wmp media files, play lists, etc to a new hard drive look at this link. IMPORTANT: The first half of the info you see via the link I provide applies if you are moving to a new computer so it does not apply to you. However, if you scroll about half-way down you’ll see where it begins to discuss moving to a new hard drive.
  9. mott

    mott TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hi lookin around
    thanks for the advice my friend, I have removed loads of junk over the past few weeks and i run ...spybot s & d .... addaware 2007.... registry healer I have to say is abit of an issue as i havent renewed my subscription the thing hogs resourses like mad and i dont feel it is as good as the makers would have hoped so i am looking to remove this in the near future , i know its going to be a problem to completely remove (have been googling around for a while on this one) so i hope this will free up some resourses O yea i do have a HJT log saved in notepad if you could take a look at it i would appreciate it.. as i do, im sorry to say,, peer to peer sorry i know its not good to dl like this but touch wood all seems ok up to now
    going to have a look at that cc cleaner now
    o yea on that HJT tool its the first time i have used it .. is it suposed to scan my pc in about 10 seconds flat ( man its quick)
    thanks again
  10. gbhall

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    I cannot see the point in putting just a 20Gb drive as #2. Assuming you want it permanent and not a plug-in external drive, then 80Gb minimum, they really are as cheap as cornflakes.

    On the other hand, a PC with a main drive of 40Gb must be very old, so avoid the temptation to buy a SATA drive, or one more than 120Gb, as they may not be supported on your PC. A quick check of the specs is in order.
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