Windows 7 How to survive with Windows 7 (at least for a little while longer...)


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Win/7 is at End of Life!!

If you do decide to stick with Windows 7 after Jan. 14, you'll need to take some precautions:

- Update everything in the Microsoft Patch Tuesday release. It'll be your last chance to make sure Windows and other Microsoft software are as secure as possible.

- Uninstall the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser. It's a huge security hole. Download Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox instead.

- Ditch Microsoft Office and any of its components, such as Word, Excel or Outlook. Switch to Google's office suite or to LibreOffice. For an email client to replace Outlook, try Gmail or Thunderbird.

- Turn off Java in your browsers.

- Turn off Adobe Flash Player in your browsers.

- Install one of the best antivirus programs. Microsoft will stop developing its own antivirus software for Windows 7, Microsoft Security Essentials, so you'll need something else.

The bottom line is: Upgrade to Windows 10 ASAP and get a decent antivirus software regardless.
If money is the issue...Why not just buy a copy of Windows 10 from an overseas retailer...Windows does not cost the same in all areas.