How to Use Intel PresentMon for Benchmarking and Testing

This looks like a pretty useful tool because of how accessible it is. It might not be the end-all of analysis but it puts a useful capability in the hands of more people, and that's good news.

Appreciate the headsup Nick, good article.
Respect. You've pointed out quite clearly that higher frame times could be from various factors, including frame rate limits. YouTube reviewers are saying that Frame Time minus GPU Busy is an obvious CPU bottleneck. Major misinformation.
Thanks for this. It does look appealing. Control over what is running, and the resources the program uses.
I wouldn't want to accidently leave a module on without a clear message/sign. As you mentioned some parts of this will use far more total PC performance than, for instance, the excellent HWInfo64. In fact I read somewhere on this site that HWInfo will integrate Present Mon as an option. That sounds great.

But until out of Beta I will stick to just HWInfo64 and AIDA for benches - good, but not cheap (Aida).
I haven't looked into it so this is the most informative article about Present Mon I've read. Don't know the details of how HWinfo and Present Mon will work together, but there is an article, headline really about it right here on TECHSPOT...Mmmmm or was it Kitguru.

When out of beta, if not a resource hog, and if intuitive layout, I will try it. Most interesting thing IMO is the integration with HWinfo. No details as it's not up yet, (and I didn't check for more info) but could be really good. I'll give it six months from now, or when out of Beta. Then check it out.

Interesting article, thanks!.