HP Envy 14 Spectre is covered in glass, has NFC chip


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Following up on a mysterious teaser posted last week, HP has officially unveiled the Envy 14 Spectre at the Consumer Electronics Show in Last Vegas. Pitched as a "premium ultrabook",…

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Well, to be honest, I really like the screen :)
If I had the money, I'd make it duel it out with asus's offerings and which ever one won I'd buy it.


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Guest said:
Looks cool, but HP is still HP.
What I was thinking too, but at least SOMEONE put in a 1600x900 display in one of these ultrabooks. I'll wait till the Lenovo T430u to see if they drop the ball on the resolution. if this 13.3" frame can have this kind of display, there's no reason the T430u's 14" frame can't match.


Nice looking laptop with useful specs. BUT (as a consumer) would you really trust HP enough to buy anything from them???? Think WebOS, Touchpad, Pre 3 etc etc.....


Despite the HP stigma, it's nice to see something new with a useful screen resolution.


indeed, hp envy 14 spectre has managed to impress everyone, but we'll have to see in on work. Still, at first glance, it's a solid and impressive machine.