HP envy x360 AMD ryzen 5 poor

I was astounded by the praise of the x360, and the amd ryzen 5 2500u, for use with photoshop... it's not even decent! Lacking support of graphics acceleration prevents the use of advanced editing tools in photoshop, so many that I decidedly will not list them all. I am a certified professional photographer, and the tools and techniques that are inoperable are a requirement for high-end rendering and processing. My background also includes engineering, for which I served in Fortune 100-500 corporations, so I am well indoctrinated in computer technology; meaning that what I am referring to doesn't stem from a lack of knowledge. I purchased the x 360, my biggest mistake in decades of using computers, seven months ago, to replace an HP pavilion that was several years old, and had the intel i3 chipset. Literally it doesn't have the functional issues inherent in the x360; well outperforming it in speed, and without any malfunctions or omissions of advanced tools. That being with the same amount of memory, and on the same version of Photoshop. One simple example, from the latest version of photoshop select, edit>preferences>file handling>raw editor>camera raw preferences: then try to resolve the error message "camera raw graphics acceleration is not supported by your system" BTW most professional photographers using high-end digital cameras, shoot in raw!