Hp laserjet 2100

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Apr 4, 2007
  1. I have a HP laserjet 2100, old I know, but usually works great! I'm getting an "accessory error" that says, "DIMM slot 2 error, remove the accessory from the EIO port or DIMM slot indicated by the error to continue printing." When I do a print out of the printer, it states DIMM slot 2 "empty" and EIO "empty." Any ideas from anyone?
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    Open up the printer and see if you have any RAM modules installed there (the manual should say which panel to remove for RAM access). Try removing/replacing the one in slot 2.
  3. jmager

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    Hp 2100

    I did open up the printer and I have nothing in any of the slots that is what is confusing to me. Any ideas?
  4. Nodsu

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    OK. Well, something is bad and if you do not have any accessories like RAM, hard drives or JetDirect cards installed, then it is the main logic board that is acting up.

    Does this happen with anything you print? Even some shot plaintext from Notepad? How about the printer self-test page? (You can make it print that with some button combination - Read The Friendly Manual)
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    Hello again. Thank you for following up. I had one program that I was not able to print anything. I was able to print with word perfect program and word. So I uninstalled the printer, reinstalled and the program I couldn't print from I just reselected the printer and I am able to print now, how I don't know. However, the error light does not go off. Bad printer? Should I start looking for a new one?
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