HP omnibook xe3 bios password help

By max_gee ยท 287 replies
Jun 28, 2007
  1. champ

    champ Banned

    the code is
    regarts champ
  2. champ

    champ Banned

    to stevad

    your code
    regarts champ
  3. champ

    champ Banned

    need help

    this is your
  4. champ

    champ Banned

    to freezed

    your code
    kind regarts champ
  5. champ

    champ Banned

    thanks jrz

    thanks jrz
  6. champ

    champ Banned

    and when guys have a problem email me the hash code

    email removed
    its my hobby to help
  7. mnsparky

    mnsparky TS Rookie

    A Real Champ

    Thank You!!
    Go get-um CHAMP .........

    Your work is perfect as well as my system is now!!
  8. need_help_19

    need_help_19 TS Rookie

    It worked! Amazing...!
    Thanks a bunch Champ! :grinthumb
  9. stevad

    stevad TS Rookie

    It works

    That's it. Thank's a lot champ.
  10. wkbxe3

    wkbxe3 TS Rookie

    Champ, can you please please help... Omnibook xe3 Hash code is 03412.
  11. champ

    champ Banned

    wkbxe3 the code is
    greetings champ
  12. wkbxe3

    wkbxe3 TS Rookie

    It worked champ...Thank you very very much. You've made two very happy people. :wave: :grinthumb
  13. champ

    champ Banned

    iam glad to help you out

    iam glad to help you out
    i go on holiday now for a few days but i check my email:wave: :wave:
  14. champ

    champ Banned

    sam lee

    this your new code dont mistake again please

  15. Crazysmuk

    Crazysmuk TS Rookie

    I have a HP laptop too, can't remember the bios password, and can't seem to reset it.

    The hash code is 00545. Can you help me?
  16. ViperOne

    ViperOne TS Rookie

    Omnibook 6000 hash code = 15132
    Help is much appreciated.
  17. sampage

    sampage TS Rookie

    Thank You!!!:grinthumb
  18. champ

    champ Banned


    this is your code
    regarts champ:blackeye:
  19. champ

    champ Banned

    iam happy too help you

    iam happy too help you
  20. champ

    champ Banned

    viperone this is your code
  21. champ

    champ Banned

    viper this your code

    viper this your code
  22. calamar

    calamar TS Rookie

    PLS Help me!!!

    OmniBook XE3
    Hash Code 03676

  23. stevesue

    stevesue TS Rookie



    Many thanks for your help, much appreaciated ;-)

  24. champ

    champ Banned


    thanks for the complement
  25. champ

    champ Banned

    calamar this is for you

    this is the code
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