HP omnibook xe3 bios password help

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Jun 28, 2007
  1. champ

    champ Banned

    this help you

    type 19fc3ud and the pass is gone
  2. Mongobongo

    Mongobongo TS Rookie

    Can you please please please help with master password for Omnibook XE3 please? Hash code: 06573
  3. Martino

    Martino TS Rookie

    omnibook xe3 biospass


    Please i need you help with my lap is a Omnibook Xe3 and we forgt the biospass.
    When i press f12 send me the "system Hash code" is: 02652

    Very very thx....
  4. effjaye

    effjaye TS Rookie

    Please help.....hash code 03412 for HP omnibook xe3

    Thank you
  5. spvunderdog

    spvunderdog TS Rookie

    Thanks Champ for the help ive tried the code and its saying that it is invalid and i still have the password

    Also when i try to do the f2 + f12 there is no hash code that comes up it only bleeps when i press the keys
  6. bundybear

    bundybear TS Rookie

    This doesn't seem to work. Any other ideas?

    Thanks for your help though.
  7. Mongobongo

    Mongobongo TS Rookie

    Champ is the man!!!
  8. Mongobongo

    Mongobongo TS Rookie

    Hey bandido. I see we have the same hash code in our XE3`s. The passcode posted by champ does`nt work for me.
  9. effjaye

    effjaye TS Rookie

    I agree. But I still need a password.......hash code 03412 for HP omnibook xe3
  10. Bruciebonus

    Bruciebonus TS Rookie

    HI can anyone help with my NX9010? The hash code is 12802

    Any help would be much appreciated. HP were useless when I called them!!!
  11. Mongobongo

    Mongobongo TS Rookie

    Master password still required for Omnibook XE3 please if anyone can help? Hash code: 06573
  12. effjaye

    effjaye TS Rookie

    now offering compensation; Hash code 03412 for HP omnibook xe3.
  13. remzibi

    remzibi TS Rookie

    You know , check email box :) .
  14. effjaye

    effjaye TS Rookie

    He's good!
  15. Bensonmam

    Bensonmam TS Rookie

    Need Masterpass

    Please help.....hash code 10056 for HP omnibook 900B

    Thank you
  16. champ

    champ Banned

    sorry wrong program but this is ok

    ok thats it
  17. champ

    champ Banned

    this most work

    this works and sorry i want to help but i use the wrong program
    this is the code cpuvhhq

    when some guys want help send your hash code to

    email removed
  18. champ

    champ Banned

    ok thats it
  19. champ

    champ Banned

    ok thats it
  20. champ

    champ Banned

    you can email the hash code to email removed

    you can email the hash code toemail removed
  21. Mongobongo

    Mongobongo TS Rookie


    Hey Champ!!! You got it right. Good man! You are a 100% star my friend. Very many thanks to you and best wishes.
  22. champ

    champ Banned

    yes i now here iam a newcomer but i work everyday repair laptops

    its nice that i can help people
  23. champ

    champ Banned

    this wil help

    the code 3fr5ey4
  24. Bruciebonus

    Bruciebonus TS Rookie

    Thank you Champ. You are a star, even a champ! :grinthumb

    It took 2 years to get this sorted out:D
  25. grzegorz_bt

    grzegorz_bt TS Rookie

    HP omnibook XE3

    My Has Code: 07453 Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .
    Many, many, many, many Thanks.
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